Top 5 Places to buy Crypto
Bitpanda Buy Crypto with Visa, Bank Transfer
Coinbase Buy Crypto with Visa, Bank Transfer
LocalBitcoins Buy Bitcoin locally in cash Buy Bitcoin from a german exchange
Bitstamp european Crypto exchange
Top 5 Crypto exchanges
BITMEX margin trading, up to 100x leverage
Binance largest crypto exchange
KuCoin 2nd largest crypto exchange
poloniex trade Cryptocurrencies
bittrex large trusted exchange
Top 5 Crypto news sources
Coindesk Crypto News
Cointelegraph Crypto News
Bitcoin-Magazine Crypto News
ToshiTimes Crypto News
theMerkle Crypto News
Top 5 Crypto games Ethereum lending Platform
PoWH3D Pyramid Scheme Game on Ethereum Pyramid Scheme Game on Ethereum
Megatropolis RealEstate Game on Ethereum
FreeBitcoin get free Bitcoin
Top 5 Crypto wallets
Electrum DesktopWallet
exxodus Desktop Wallet online Wallet
LEdger Wallet Hardware Wallet - must have
TRezor Wallet Hardware Wallet
Top 5 ICO resources
Ambisafe issue any type of asset on the blockchain
Bitcointalk Forum Alternate cryptocurrencies and altcoins forum discussion.
Coinshedule only lists projects worth following and investing
CryptoCompare monitor all markets in real time.
TokenMarket Lists a variety of token sales.